ASNZ2500 – Why is Electrical safety training needed?

NZ Biomed Grey Just rightThe administrators are responsible for the safety surrounding the use of electricity in the patient care environment. This responsibility is mutually born by the governing body or proprietor of the healthcare facility (DHB’s, Doctors Surgery’s, Dental Practice’s, Physiotherapy Clinic’s – any place where an item of equipment could be used to treat, diagnose or otherwise be ‘used’ on a patient), the administrators, the physician using the equipment and ALL personnel concerned with the application of electrical operated equipment to, or in the vicinity of, the patient.  – para phrased from ASNZ2500 section 5.1

Section 5.3 of ASNZ2500 specifically calls for ‘All personnel who may be required to use medical electrical equipment should be fully aware of the potential hazards associated with such use”

One of the main ways to ensure the patients are kept safe, is to train those staff concerned in the “Safe use of Electricity in Patient Care Areas”

ASNZ2500 – does not stipulate a frequency for such training, but most DHB’s retain their staff either yearly or two yearly, depending on the complexity and the critical nature of the equipment.

NZ Biomed can provide a “Safe use of Electricity in Patient Care Areas” lecture (up 15 staff) which will cover the essential points to allow staff to comply with legislation. A certificate of attendance will be issued to each staff member.

Please contact us for a syllabus of topics covered in this lecture (and if you wish, to personalise the lecture to include sentient points for your work place, beyond that of the basic lecture)